Friday, June 17, 2011

Hippie Penguin Fibers

Aren't these batts glorious! Hippie Penguin Fibers sent these two totally awesome batts. They are incredibly soft and spinning them is a lot of fun. (Yes, I could not resist, and decided no to wait until Tour De Fleece to play with these babies.) I wish I had some extra money at the moment for more fibers I would love too buy some of her luxurious hand dyed rovings. They are not to be missed. Can you just imagine spinning a cashmere silk top! And be sure to take a look at her hand dyed DK weight yarns and sock yarns. Her colorways are vibrant and out of the norm. Well, as I said, I have spun up these two batts and am currently spinning some roving in similar colorways so that I will have enough to weave another one of my shawls. I hope to post photos of it soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's Here! WWKIP 2011 week has finally arrived! Although knitting seems to be a superfluous hobby in Florida where you usually don't need all those beautifully warm items made with sticks, it is a popular and fulfilling pastime. And those of us who live here know how to have a good time playing with out sticks and fibers.

For the uninitiated, WWKIP stands for World Wide Knitting In Public. You will see knitters everywhere with their needles clicking all week long. I've joined the Ravelry group The Great Gold Coast KIP Hunt for events to celebrate this week. We started out with a small gathering of kindred souls at Yarn It! a fiber, knitting, weaving, spinning, crochet shop in Fort Pierce, Florida. At shop we received our list of places that we are challenged to knit at during this week. Photos are to be taken and published on Ravelry. We will receive points for the photos showing all the places where we knitted throughout the week and prizes will be awarded.

For my first KIP adventure this week, I grabbed my knitting bag, made sure my camera was in my handbag and left our LYS to go to lunch with my son. After we placed our orders for lunch at Archie’s Seabreeze I got out my kip bag and camera only to find out that one of my knitting needles was missing. I went back out to the van and looked all over for the missing needle with no luck. But I did find a new pair of chopsticks on the floor between the seats. Well knitting is just manipulating yarn with two sticks so I thought “why not"? So I started knitting with the chopsticks and looked for the best photo location for this event. I could not resist the opportunity to have my photo taken with Archie’s famous pirate and even let him hold my ball of yarn on his hook.

Other places I plan on knitting this week include my local auto repair shop, at the movie theater when I go to see "Super 8", and at the beach. I'll try to post photos from the other spots at the end of the week. Meanwhile - Happy WWKIP Everyone!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beesybee Fibers

It's time to take a look at Beesybee Fibers. Patricia carries many beautiful fibers in her shop. She has glorious rovings of BFL, Corriedale, Merino and Polwarth as well as milk protein and recycled Sari fibers from Nepal. You will also love her batts, so soft and lustrous.

I received two gorgeous batt from Patricia and just have to show them to you. I love the way the luminosity of some fibers just bring out the character of the others. And the batts are so soft. They will make a beautiful addition to my art yarns when finished.

Have fun looking around Beesybee Fibers, a spinners candy shop.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabulous Fibers from KnitSpin

I received one of the prettiest most colorful rovings from KnitSpin. It is super soft and I can tell that it is going to spin like a dream.

She also sent some gorgeous
Angora Lambswool and a
beautiful pack of silk all of it
ready to dye or spin or both.

Her KnitSpin Etsy shop is full of beautiful Merino rovings as well as other fibers. She also has some wonderful hand spun yarns that would crown any knitter's basket. Among these is a beautiful solid purple alpaca handspun that is very hard to resist and needs a thoughtful knitter to bring it into its full glory. I strongly suggest that every spinner and knitter I know pay a visit to KnitSpin's store.