Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fiber Summer!!!

The Summer 2012 is starting to look like the most fiber fun summer yet!  There are so many fun fiber events this year.  And most of them are on line through Ravelry.

May 18 to June 5 - Fun Onion Tour de Fleece Batt Swap Challenge
June 1 to August 25 - Hand Spun Magic Yarn Ball Swap

June 1 through August 31 - Nerd Wars, Tournament 5
June 9 - World Wide Knit In Public Day
June 30 to July 22 - Tour de Fleece
July 27 to August 12 - Ravelympics 2012

With all these wonderful events happening, I've started lining up all my projects and prepping my batts and rovings.

First in line are these two lucscious batts from JoAnne at Fleecepicker's Fiber and Yarn.  JoAnne also has an ebay store.

These batts are made up of Merino, silk, firestar, and angelina.  They are destined to become part of a baby blanket that I will donate through Bundles of Joy (please read my previous post). 

If you also have a fiberful summer planned, Fleecepicker's Fiber and Yarn has many beautiiful colors of roving and sheets of silk and other fibers to make your own one of a kind batts to spin from.

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