Monday, January 23, 2012


You heard it here first.  My sons have coined a new name for fiber (and other) enthusiasts. I must say that my sons have a knack for turning a phrase and adding new ones to the English language.  Now for the story behind Kudzobbies.

It's Sunday morning and we quite often go to breakfast together before or after church.  It's a fun way for my husband, myself, my two sons (ages 36 and 28) and my daughter-in-law to catch up on each others lives and solve the problems of  the world.  This last Sunday the main topic under discussion was presidential candidates both past and present and possible future ones. This conversation eventually turned to our options if Hilary Clinton became President. The conversation sort of went like this:
D (younger son):  If she becomes president, I'm moving to Canada.
Me:  How about New Zealand? (I'm always thinking about those lovely sheep).
R (older son):  No, New Zealand is having a lot of political, economical and other problems.
D:  We'll just all have to move to a private and isolated island.
Me:  Both of you had better get your books published so we can afford an island.
R:  Don't need to.  We just perfect the method of using gravitational pull to capture and asteroid and place it in a temperate location to make our own island.
Me:  I have a better idea.  We can buy a TARDIS and live in it.
D:  That is a good idea.
Me:  And I can have a special area in the TARDIS for my fibers and spinning wheels.
R:  You know that won't make any difference.  Before long the TARDIS interior will be festooned with your yarns.  You have to admit, Mom, that your yarn grows and takes over everything.  It's a Kudzu Hobby (Kudzobbie).  You always have Kudzu Hobbies, even when you made jewelry the beads took over the house.

I had to admit that my sons were correct.  My fiber enthusiasm has led to boxes full of yarn and spinning fibers.  But it doesn't stop there.  You will find little pieces of yarn wherever our shoes or the cats take them.  One of the cats likes to decorate his food dish with my yarns.  You will also find wool and alpaca dust bunnies throughout the house since I prefer spinning to sweeping.  The family room is filled with my boxes of fibers and the living room is now home to 2 spinning wheels, a yarn swift, a skein winder, a niddy noddy, a nostepin and several Turkish spindles.  It is definitely reminiscent of Kudzu cover trees, yards, and even entire buildings like the ones that have been destroyed by that voracious plant in the Carolinas and Georgia.  What someone really needs to do is turn Kudzu into a soft spinning fiber similar to banana fiber or SeaCell.  It is already used for basket weaving.  I bet it would make a beautiful spinning fiber.  We could reclaim our  south central states and have something beautiful to spin.

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